Friday, March 03, 2006

Martian Intafada Part five

The Khalid Hamada Memorial rail tube connects Kyoto on Mars with the polar settlements.

As the meeting broke up Kahir Stood up and started talking just a little to loudly.
“It’s nice and all to talk about having a real war, but if you haven’t noticed the most advanced weapon that we have is a scorpion and most of my men have crossbows and knives. The security people keep their rifles under lock and key, and the security people in the field don’t have more than 60 rounds each. And I might add that despite our best experts we cannot manufacture rifles and bullets.”

“Well based on the information that brother Hamada has supplied us with” said Mohammed nodding towards Khalid, “ we are going to make tanks and linear electromagnetic mass accelerators”

“I don’t see how any information that I gave you is going to help you build a linear electro thing-a-ma-bob, “ said Khalid glancing at Yusef and Mahathir two of only about six people still in the room. “And I know of no way to build tanks.”

“Linear electromagnetic mass accelerators” replied Muhammed, “and don’t worry about the tanks they are going to be easy.”

“I don’t even know what that is”

“You don’t know what a tank is?”

“I know what a tank is the other doohickey thing you are talking about.”

“Coaxial accelerators”

“Still clueless”

“Asynchronous linear induction motor.”

“No idea what you are saying”

“Pulsed solenoids with a moveable core.”

Khalid simply shrugged his shoulders in the negative.

“Gauss guns or coil guns”

“Oh a gun”

“You did graduate from university”

“Chemistry not physics was my strong science.”

“Ok, let me explain then. The supply list you gave us shows that we are receiving a large shipment of super-conductive wire, 5 thousand kilometers of it, to be exact. That along with the new super hard plastic pipes we have received will be used to make the gauss guns. We will take the pipes, which are 12mm in diameter with 1mm thick walls. We will cut them in lengths of 75cm long and bore them to add stability. We will take the super-conductive wire and wrap it around the pipe. I figure about 200 turns should do it. The switching mechanism is a solid-state switch, a ceramic disk that we can make out of the Martian clay. We have already made about three thousand of them. The energy storage device is the miniature compulsators the Japanese have to power all the vehicles. The projectiles will be a 10mm in diameter, 5cm long ferrite ceramic slug. It has a density of 5g/cc and weighs 16 grams. And 25 bulldozers have arrived on Mars; we will use them to make the tanks by welding the extra bulldozer blades on them for armor. Security’s guns will not be able to penetrate them. Now all we have to do is get the material here and begin.”

“So, you want me to request more bulldozers for the project than we need.”
“Exactly, and you can claim that we lost two in a rock slide and need replacements. All in all when we bring them to field we should have ten, which might not sound like a lot but as there are no tanks on Mars we will have a significant advantage.”

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