Thursday, March 09, 2006

Martian Intafada part 9

Hamza Kahir sat in the gunner’s seat of one of the nine tanks they had managed to build. They had been driving for two days and were coming up on their objective, Ronin airfield. Four of the tanks maneuvered into position to charge the airfield, the other five dropped back and detached their rocket trailers. Thirty minutes later rockets rained down on the airfield destroying the hangers and the only four armed aircraft that the Imperial Japanese security forces had.

Hamza sighted the control tower with the tanks main gauss cannon, recited the basmala and fired. The round slammed into the top of the tower, glass flying out everywhere. The next two rounds hit the base of the tower collapsing it. A few Japanese soldiers rushed out towards the tanks firing on them with their assault rifles, but the rifles were unable to penetrate the tank armor. Huge fireballs rose up into the air as the Martian rebels destroyed the last remaining fuel tanks.

The Japanese fought to the last man, none surrendered. Hamza decided that he liked this as he was not sure of where they would have put prisoners, if they had surrendered. As soon as he was satisfied that the airfield was completely destroyed he ordered the rebels to move on to their next target, Kyoto on Mars. There they were to link up with the main body of the Martian rebel army.

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kuzer said...

So you have a nice blog of your own too...I feel like jihad here...coz intifada means a new wake,a new stand which determines that right?I learn some arabic in school...hehe...btw nice blog..