Monday, March 20, 2006

Martian Intafada Part 15 the end

Hamza sat at the large brown table sipping chai, in the executive boardroom. The walls still bare as since taking down the pictures of the Japanese emperor and other Japanese officials they had still not replaced them with anything.

Yusef Wehbe and Mohammed Hatta both walked into the room a cup of chai in one hand and folders in the other. They both sat down across next to each other across the table from Hamza. They opened up the folders and began the meeting by reciting the basmala.

The Three of them expressed surprise that 25% of the Japanese colonists refused return and opted to stay in the new Republic of Mars. They also had good news, with the war going badly for Japan back on Earth it wouldn’t be anytime soon that Japan would have troops to spare to try and recapture Mars. This delay would give them time to build up their ground defenses and to put some missal platforms into orbit.

Mohammed was able to give them even better news, Brazil, America, South Africa and China had all announced their recognition of the Republic of Mars. Brazil and America had even agreed to send them radar equipment and various pieces of scientific equipment that they needed via the space elevator in northern Brazil.The three men vowed that they would never allow Japan to retake Mars.

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