Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Muslims on American TV, specifically Sci-Fi.

No, Really would it have killed someone to have, had an Dr. Muhammed on Eureka. I am not even talking about a recurring role, just have the sheriff bump into him at CafĂ© Diem. Perhaps just once captain Picard or any of the star trek captains, when reading a casualty report could have said “When deck four section seventeen lost pressure we lost, ensign Corbain, ensign Edison and Lt. Muhammed.”

See I am even ready to kill the poor guy off. I am just asking that we be included just a little. Course this is some what our own fault as every Muslim in America wants and pushes their child to be a doctor or engineer. I have yet to meet the Muslim parent who says they want their child to grow up to be a Hollywood writer.

Now if you have a clip of a Muslim character in a sci-fi show and I just missed it please send me a link to the clip and I will post it on my blog.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why no Aliens?

Why No Aliens?

I have been asked several friends why no aliens appear in any of the stories that I have posted on to my blog, as they note that once upon a time I had written several short Sci-Fi stories which featured Aliens in them. Now I am not knocking having Aliens in your science fiction stories. They are a great device, to get an idea across to the reader.

I have not used Aliens in my stories, and probably won’t use them anytime in the near future, here I hedge my bets as one should never say never. I do so because I find there are to many people studying the Klingon language Instead of Arabic; to many learning all about Vulcan culture instead of Malay culture.

To put it a bit more bluntly, we are surrounded by Aliens and they are us. For the average American; Mexicans and Muslims are Aliens. For many Muslims; Americans might as well be Martians, and I believe with the rise of genetic manipulation and cybernetic implants we will see even more drift between groups. So I hope with my stories to help bridge some of those gaps as it just makes sense to me that as many Americans should know who the first Caliph was (AbuBakr) as know who Surak was.