Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Muslims on American TV, specifically Sci-Fi.

No, Really would it have killed someone to have, had an Dr. Muhammed on Eureka. I am not even talking about a recurring role, just have the sheriff bump into him at CafĂ© Diem. Perhaps just once captain Picard or any of the star trek captains, when reading a casualty report could have said “When deck four section seventeen lost pressure we lost, ensign Corbain, ensign Edison and Lt. Muhammed.”

See I am even ready to kill the poor guy off. I am just asking that we be included just a little. Course this is some what our own fault as every Muslim in America wants and pushes their child to be a doctor or engineer. I have yet to meet the Muslim parent who says they want their child to grow up to be a Hollywood writer.

Now if you have a clip of a Muslim character in a sci-fi show and I just missed it please send me a link to the clip and I will post it on my blog.

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Ethereal Star said...

I'm in England and we have a similar situation here. Muslims are either under represented or totally misrepresented. I got rid of my tv after i became a 'practicing' Muslim as i realised that for me the harm outweighed the benefit. But as an aspiring novelist i am hoping to help the world see us in a true light inshaAllah

I just found your blog, may Allah keep you upon Siraat al Mustaqeem