Friday, May 29, 2009

Tech changes since i had kids.

Some of the differences between myself and my children, the oldest being 12, my children have never known a world without cell phones. They cannot imagine being at the store and not being able to call mom to see if they can get ice cream or if she knew about the sale. I watch my oldest send text messages faster than I can type and with out looking at the screen. I was always impressed when a friend simply had a phone in his room, which usually was simply an extension from the family phone. Oh and beepers are something they give you at restaurants so you know when your table is ready.

Having a computer in the house is a matter of fact for them not some new marvel. They find those old Atari games on the internet quaint and know that they can create more realistic looking ones. They have never used a type writer and laugh at the idea of not having spell check.
If you have enough money you can go into space, a simple fact of life for them, they don’t remember how hard it was to dream to be an astronaut. They don’t recall when there wasn’t a space station.

They ask me what the soviet union was and are puzzled by people getting worked up about china since all of their toys are made there.

They don’t know that you can make popcorn without a microwave oven. This also applies to hotdogs, and heating up leftovers from last night.

They don’t know what a walkman is, but can download music to their MP3 player without help.

They believe music has always been sold by the song.

A television is optional for them as they watch most of their programs online when ever they want to. When we go to the library the first thing they do is check out the movies then they go look for books.

There was no Cartoon Network, Disney channel, Sprouts or Noggin either! You could only get cartoons on Saturday Morning. I had to wait ALL WEEK for cartoons.