Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Martian Intafada Part 11

Mustapha steered the rocket plane following the rail road tracks. He knew that somewhere up a head of him was a train stuffed full of Japanese soldiers. 20 minutes later Mustapha came up on the train and kissed the hand written card he had in his vest pocket which read ‘If Allah is your protector, none can overcome you, and if He forsakes you, then who can help you? Trust Allah and have faith in His sovereign power.-Qur'an, Al-Imran, Surah 3:160’. He then maneuvered the rocket plane into the optimum angle for attack.

He whispered the basmala as he fired his two rockets into the train engine, with the train engine destroyed and the train cars scattered about, some on their sides, he made three strafing passes on the broken train cars before heading back to refuel. The Japanese soldiers never knew what hit them for while they had lookouts looking forward and back and to the sides none were looking up.

Mustapha flying back to the rebel airbase felt confident that he would be able to get back in time to join in with the attack on Kyoto on Mars.


Aiman said...

Salaams Ed,

I loved this one. You must be working on Part 12 I think.

Ahmer Khalid said...


this is very intersting.