Monday, March 06, 2006

Martian Intafada part 7

Seigo-Dono had received a message from Japanese Imperial Intelligence HQ, warning about a possible threat of infiltration by the Brotherhood of the Golden Circle. The Brotherhood was becoming a major problem back on Earth. At first Seigo was a bit alarmed but when he checked the list of names that they had sent him, he discovered all the men were dead. All of them had died in a mine explosion several months ago.

He mused that they were possibly trying to make explosives and blew themselves up. Though he decided that he would try to convince the governor to reduce the number of non-Japanese workers in Kyoto on Mars and send out a memo to the security teams in the field to be vigilant. Even if it was nothing, it never hurt to get everyone back on their toes.

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Parklife said...

I love all the art. Thank you for posting the information and links. It is rare that I get a chance to see Islamic art. And, it never fails to impress.