Monday, March 13, 2006

Martian Intafada part 10

Seigo-dono looked at the stack of reports and pictures on his desk. It seemed that a workers uprising was occurring all over Mars. Dozens of small security squads, that he had out at various construction sites, had been killed or captured. The security squad at the railroad construction site had managed to get a message out telling him that the armored doors on their barracks had been welded shut. Their heavily armored barracks turned into their prison. The fiber-optic line had been cut before they could get out any more information, but Seigo-dono was sure something similar had happened at many of the other construction sites.

“Toshi, I need you to order the 4th, 5th and 7th security groups to withdraw from their current positions and come to Kyoto on Mars. We will be able to deploy them out from the city as a forward defense against attack”, barked Seigo-Dono.

“I am sorry sir, but the 4th, 5th and 7th security groups are now in route to help secure the Haruko mining complex”

“Who ordered that bit of stupidity”?

“Ryoji Noguchi did sir, he felt that the Haruko mining complex is our largest and most profitable mining site and therefore must be protected.”

“I am in charge, not that idiot Ryoji Noguchi. I order the security units not him. I want you to send orders to them that when the train arrives at Haruko complex they are to stay on the train and that the train is to come to Kyoto on Mars right away.”

“Yes sir”
“Idiots” yelled Seigo-dono as he angrily slammed his fist into his desk.

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