Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Muslim machines 5

Seven weeks later the A.I. Strategy Bot known as big Green two that LT. Howard Baskerville was the first deserter from the U.S. Military in the Iranian theater. It also noted that Lt. Baskerville's translator and protocol civilian liaison Nazanin Afishin had also disappeared. The Big Green Two had initially thought that Howard Baskerville had been kidnapped but some random UAV reconosense over Tehran had spotted him having tea and appearing very friendly with a group of men who it identified as members of the Tehran Komiteh.

This was another reason to recommend to the joint chiefs that fewer menand more machines were needed in Iran. Already with the Pasadaran deploying their new RPG weapon the Zamburak human casualties had jumped causing mass protest back in the United States. The people back in America were demanding more money spent on social programs and less on a war that they weren't even sure why they were in.

Big Green two had conversed with Big Green three and strategy Red one, all three strategy bots were concerned about the slow down in spare parts coming in just as the counter insurgency strategy had started to show real fruit. As they, the strategy bots, had been given control over the Iranian economy they had been able to introduce many measures which allowed them to cut the unemployment rate in half. This in itself had greatly reduced the ranks of the Pasadaran. Big green two noted that Strategy one had states that idle hands join the insurgency.

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