Thursday, January 17, 2013

Machine Muslims part 3

Colonel Nakhjevan studied the incoming combat reports and realized that while the anti-personnel booby traps and snipers were indeed inflicting casualties on the American infantry, that they were having little to no effect on the large number of robotic combat machines that operated with the American infantry. Even more depressing, Colonel Nakhjevan noted, was the fact that the Iranian RPGs were proving ineffective against the American tanks. In fact once pass the Anti-tank mine fields on the beaches the only American tanks destroyed had been hit by anti-tank mortar rounds and they were out of those. Of course this did show that the anti-RPG defense systems the American tanks were using had a hole in the top of it. Colonel Nakhjevan only hoped that they could exploit this defect effectively.

After the disastrous battle of Kerman the American people were upset at the large number of American soldiers who were killed and the president told the pentagon less people and more machines. Hardware and software updates were ordered and carried out. The hole in the anti-RPG shield was acknowledge after a lot of finger pointing and fixed. Also all units received UAVs to provide individual air cover, with those changes made the battle cry of “onwards to Tehran” was taken up and the American military forces pressed northward.

General Firouzabadi, his potbelly straining the buttons on his soup stained shirt, looked at the map on the wall of his command bunkers with the death of the much beloved General Bijan Ali at the battle of Kerman, he had been put in charge of Tehran's defenses. The American forces were waltzing northward facing little resistance as the Iranian military had over committed Kerman. The Iranian commandos were having some success ambushing the American supply convoys which was slowing the American offensive and from the fussing and whining American congressman he watched on CNN greatly increasing the cost of the war for the Americans.

Four months after forcing the American military to fight house to house in the battle of Tehran General Firouzabadi kept up a low level guerrilla campaign which had just scored it's greatest success, the infiltration of an American military base and the destruction of seven A-12 Thunderbolts Ivs. Firouzabadi sipped mint tea a grin across his face his latest safe house a wall hanging with the ninety-nine names of Allah hung over the flat screen TV that he watched intensely. CNN International showed the American congress yelling about the cost of the Iranian occupation and the manipulation of the stock market manipulation by Silverman and Sacks. As Firouzabadi finished off another cup of the mint tea and turned off the TV. He wondered if the twenty-three Bartlet 50' Caliber semi-automatic sniper rifles he had coming from American would be in Tehran by the end of the week.  

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