Thursday, January 24, 2013

Machine Muslims 6

Hassan Moghaddam sat with other members of the national komiteh in the markazi-e-ghaibi . He had been a member of the pasadaran from the beginning and while as an engineer he had helped develop the zamburak man portable missile systems. He had done his share of front line fighting and had the shrapnel wounds, and a bit of shrapnel still in his thigh, to prove it.
Hassan had been following the news out of America and knew that the American people were sick of the occupation as well as the fact that unemployment was on the rise. Even while the war machine that did the fighting and even planning were getting updates and the pentagon deployed ever newer models of there war-machines , fewer human troops were arriving. Meanwhile the leading candidate in the American presidential election was of the libertarian party and was promising to withdraw all American soldiers from all foreign theaters.

So when Hassan stood up to speak he urged the pasadaran to follow a strategy of going after the American soldiers and ignoring the American A.I. war machines , telling the other members of the Komiteh that this was a war to be fought to be fought on American television. Pointing out hat shooting down a dozen a dozen UAVs did not get on CNN but kill one soldier and they would interview everyone who ever knew him. It was a close vote and Hassan lost. Hassan was disappointed but nine weeks later the American and various European stock markets and banking systems crashed. The Chinese and Arabs cashed out their American bonds and hyperinflation kicked in. The libertarian candidate won the White House , his first order was the withdrawal of all American soldiers from foreign shores. Starting with the Iranian Theater of operation. Five hundred thousand AI fighting machines were to be left behind until arrangements for their removal could be made.

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