Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Machine Muslims part 2

“Red dog three what are you doing?” shouted a worried Captain Slade Cutter sweat dripping down his face getting into his eyes, big drops beading on his nose and dropping onto his shirt. As red dog one Captain Cutter was the commander and only human in Red Dog platoon, which was made up of five robotic tanks including his command tank.

He knew that Red dog two was sitting a kilometer behind him, most likely still burning brightly on the beach. Captain Cutter could see Red Dog Four and five as they fired their 50 caliber machine guns at an Iranian sniper, who was under the mistaken impression that his AK-47 was going to have some effect on the robotic tanks.

Red Dog three then emerged from around a corner three streets behind Captain Cutter, slowly picking it's way through the rubble strewn avenue. Captain Cutter observed that the multi-antenna array had been destroyed, as it looked like fire damage Captain Cutter could only assume that a well placed Molotov cocktail had hit it and that Red Dog three's fire extinguisher system had malfunctioned. Devoid of input Red Dog three's A.I. Was simply processing forward to their objective hill 882.

Red Dog Three came down the street it recognized the other members of it's platoon, but it's A.I. Could not fathom why they had stopped. It had stopped after a malfunctioning extinguisher system had allowed it's antenna array to be destroyed, trying to pick up red dog one's signal. Failing to do so The AI decided decided that it should continue forward to the platoon's objective hill 882.

After passing the other members of it's unit Red dog three continued to snake its way through the town's streets ignoring the occasional burst of assault rifle fire aimed it's way. It was only when an Iranian army jeep pulled in front of it and one of the vehicle's occupants stood up and fired an RPG round at red dog three, that Red dog three's anti-RPG defense system destroyed it , did it fire it's main gun destroying the Iranian vehicle and killing all on board. Red dog three maneuvered around the burning wreck and pressed forward leading the way for it's platoon towards hill 882

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