Sunday, January 20, 2013

Muslim Machines 4

Sargent Milo Jovovich hot,tired and dirty, was in his fourteenth month of occupation of Tehran duty and looked at his new unit and was not happy. 20 bipedal humiform combat bots, 10 quadruped combat bots and 10 small tracked combat bots. A ten year army veteran and he had never thought that it would come to this. He would quit but what kind of job could he get in this economy. Sargent jovovich turned and saluted the Lieutenant, who walked in looking as if he had just come from taking a shower., and said through gritted teeth,”Your men sir.”

Lt. Howard Baskerville was fresh out of college, a recent graduate of U.T. Austin with a degree in computer science, ROTC had been his way of paying for college after his parents had both been laid off from their jobs at Motorolic. He had taken a two week crash course on Iran and counter-insurgency program that they were conducting just before he had left for Iran. Lt. Baskerville had been in Iran for six days found it was confusing as all get out. When he had been off base all the Iranians smiled and were very polite and every night rocket, mortars and sniper attacks. Roadside bombs seemed to be everywhere. He knew that some of the people smiling people had to be pasadaran .

“Yes, excellent sergeant we will give the pasadaran hell and without any loss of American lives,” stated Lt. Baskerville who thought except for you and me sergeant.

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