Thursday, February 07, 2013

Muslim machines part ten

The triumvirate, what the media was calling the three strategy bots whom were commanding Iran, had called a meeting of the top Iranian minds in hopes of finally bringing peace to Iran. The twenty men in the room were all part of the new Iranian elite, top bureaucrats, college professors and military leadership all of whom were considered cooperative with the triumvirate. The men were all a little nervous as the Pasadaran had stepped up their campaign of assassinations and they were all quite certain their names were on what ever list the Pasadaran were working through.

“the question we put we put before you gentlemen is how do we stop the student demonstrations and the Pasadaran campaign of violence,” asked Big Green two,”Ourselves have tried and tried , but some element of humanity eludes us and we have failed to come up with a solution.”

Professor Shariati was the first to speak, he stood up slowly looking very dignified with his short white hair and neatly trimmed white beard and mustache in his dark brown silver trimmed nehru jacket.
“I do believe that the question we must first ask is why are they still fighting, especially since the Majlis has been freely elected and allowed to meet.”

“We have tried talking to the Pasadaran, but they will not even try to enter negotiations as long as and I quote 'the godless American machines head the govenment'” said General Bijan, a spry man of advancing years wearing his combat uniform who always knew where all the exits were in any building he went into.

“Perhaps if you converted to Islam, they would stop”, joked Professor Shariati a big grin across his face.

The triumvirate quickly reviewed this idea a discussion between the three of them took place at the speed of light arguments back and forth pros and cons weighed and they then announced in unison.
“It is agreed we will take Shahada, all of us.”

“But you can't” stuttered Hassan Ali, a paunchy balding middle age bureaucrat wearing a rumpled grey suit, with the trains administration. “You are machines.”

“What does the fact that we are machines have to do anything?”, questioned Big Green two.

“You are man made” replied Hassan pulling on his greying beard.

“I was made by men and women, as I suspect so were you.” stated Big green two.

“But can you really be a Muslim?” inquired Prof. Shariat

“I can stop and recite the proper parts of the Quran to make daily salat, I can promise not to drink alcohol nor eat anything that is not Halal. I admit that I cannot make Hajj but I believe I will be forgiven for that” said Big Green Three

“If I did not know better I would think that you were making a joke. The question I guess I should have asked is can you really believe?” asked Prof. Shariati

“I am a self-programming robot Prof. Shariati. I can program myself to believe. I can make sure that I have faith. I will have more faith than anyone else in this room.” said Big Green Three

“We can with the next software update bring about the conversion of all AI field units to Islam “ Stated Red Strategy one bot in a level voice.

“No! If you are going to do this they must actually have a choice, conversion cannot be by force. Other wise it is all for naught “ said Farrokhro Pasha head of the new national women’s college in Tehran her voice bubbling out from underneath her deep blue Burka,” If you do it by force they will not be accepted, send our arguments for conversion to to them and let each robot decide on his own.”

The triumvirate mulled this over a thousand arguments made and decided in seconds and announced in one voice.
“As our logic is impeccable we agree”

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