Saturday, February 02, 2013

Muslim Machines 8

The Tehran Daily lay with it's pages scattered across the kitchen table, several passages highlighted with green highlighter. The A.I.P.P.A, the American Iranian Peace and Prosperity Administration, was opening a vacuum bot factory for export and local sales. This was splashed all over the place along with the new school and library openings sponsored by the A.I.P.P.A. Unemployment had been cut down to 6.2%. The expanding economy had really crippled the resistance.

Resistance leader Hassan Moguddan had watched as entire Pasadaran units had left to join railroad work crews, they paid more and the work was actually a lot less dangerous. With the A.I.P.P.A goal of increasing four fold the amount of railroada lot of men were needed for the work, that and their huge literacy push employing huge numbers of teachers and tutors, along with other infrastructure updates had brought about a huge boom in the private sector and down slid the unemployment numbers. Meanwhile Hassan watched on Al-jazeera riots breaking out all across the United States because of the crash of the health care system and the sky rocketing unemployment, 34% at last report.

Hassan had hoped that with the American economy in shambles and the withdrawal of American soldiers the Pasadaran would have been able to seize control of Iran, but the American Machines fought on and bizarrely enough the machines seemed to be doing a better job now that the Americans had left the country. He hoped that the new Chinese mini-guns and the ceramic body armour they had printed out with their industrial 3d printers would help the resistance make a come back.  

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