Sunday, February 10, 2013

Muslim Machines part 11

Epilogue 37 years later

Senator Mathews the 35 year old blond, clean shaven junior senator from New York had just arrived in Philadelphia. The capitol of the American Federation of States, made up of what had been the northeast and mid-west states of the old United States of America and already he was dragged by his aides to some diplomatic party.

The aide, a tall Native American whose muscular physique strained his charcoal colored suit, who had been pulling him along all day, Senator Mathews struggled in vain to remember the chaps name, nudged the senator to get him to turn to his left bringing the Senator to face a four legged black and chrome robot that sprouted an arm from the middle of each of the four sides of it's rectangular body. Each arm ended in a seven finger hand. At the top of 1.7 meter tall body was what looked liked a 4 way periscope.

“Senator Mathews may I introduce the new Iranian Ambassador.” Said the Aide with a smile on his face.

“Pleased to meet you Ambassador, wonderful party.”

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