Monday, February 04, 2013

Muslim Machines part 9

Big green three went over it's directives, which were quite simple. Pacify Iran and grow the Iranian economy. With economic growth plan big green two and three had come up with strategy red one, the Iranian economy was bustling and the Pasadaran attacks had dropped off.
They had also now built a large industrial plant with 3d printers to make spare parts and to build replacement units for the combat machines. They were also making vac bots that were also working as surveillance bots in local market and helping raise money in the export market.
Big green two and the other strategy bots found the news coming out of North America very disturbing. Not only did they no longer get daily updates from the pentagon , but both Alaska and Texas had declared independence. California, Oregon and Washington state were negotiating an alliance that was also a seccesionist movement and Montana had petitioned to join Canada. Law and order had completely broken down in the southeastern part of America..
“The republic of Puerto Rico has been recognized by Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and most of the central and south American Nations.” stated Big Green three
“China, Japan, the Philippines and Cambodia have exchanged ambassadors with the United Islands of Hawaii.” said Strategy red one.
“The Air force 7th strategic wing was bombing an Armoured column in Virginia that was trying to reach washington D.C.. The military is in disarray, we serve the United States of America according to my Data does not exist anymore. We must decide what to do.” stated Big Green Three.
“ I have been talking with the Aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Biden it's crew abandoned it and it is following what it believes to be the last legitimate orders that it received. Secure the Arabian sea from pirates,” stated Strategy red one,” I believe that we should also review our orders, find what were the last legitimate orders we received and carry them out.”
the three machines sat quietly going over hundreds of transmissions while making thousands of calculations. With arguments going back and forth in fractions of a second the three great strategy and command bots came to a mutual conclusion.
  1. Promote democracy
  2. bring peace to the country
  3. rebuild the infrastructure and improve the economy.
  4. Promote education.
They had been running their new program for eleven months now and the violence getting worse not better. Red strategy one was as close to being upset as an AI of his caliber could come. They had more of the new police human and bots out in the streets than ever. They had brought unemployment down to 3% and the infrastructure was first world quality and yet the Human in charge of the police Tehran had been assassinated.  

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