Monday, January 08, 2007

Unity of Saints

The Unity of Saints was formed by planets whose colonists were originally from North America on Earth and members of the LDS church. The Unity is considered a break away sect of the LDS church headquartered on Earth. The Unity maintains that they are the rightful church. The Unity is a theocracy with democratic trappings. They are extremely centralized with all important decisions coming from the capitol. The economy is socialistic and many of the smaller communities have communal living arrangements. Since their defeat in the grand war the size of their space fleet has been very limited.
They have a large exploration fleet for a population of their size.

The Unity of Saints is made up of the following planets.

New Zarahemla
New Utah
High Nephi
New Lemuel


Spacerguy said...

I'm fascinated by space exploration, can I join the spaceship fleet? With Spacerguy on their side the Unity of Saints stand a less chance of being defeated again.

Edward Ott said...

course one should remember that most historians agree that the only reason they were defeated was they were hit by a daring surprise
attack on thier capitol.