Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alliance of Free worlds

High California
The Alliance of Free Worlds is headquartered on the planet New Texas and is a loose confederation of worlds settled primarily by colonist from North America on Earth. All but Amazonia and Azaltalan are predominantly English speaking worlds. The Alliance has a small standing navy. In Times of crisis individual members are to place their systems military starships under the control of the Alliance’s naval command.

The Alliance of Free Worlds is made up of the following star systems
New Texas; New America; High California; Amazonia; Azaltalan
New Saxony; World of 3 nations; New Terra; Camelot; Reagan; Elohi
Echota; New Virgina; New Nauvoo; New Colorado; Washington
Narnia; Valhalla; Lafayette; Nuevo Amazonas; Roosevelt; Lincoln

Galveston, the Equatorial continent of New Texas, has a large preserve for the large native Saurian fauna.


Spacerguy said...

The Alliance of Free Worlds sounds like a powerful federation with 20 star systems under its control. Why does the Alliance have such a small standing navy? Fascinating post by the way, Where do you get your names or is that a trade secret?

Edward Ott said...

The Navy is small as it is dependent on the navies of the individual systems. Think of how the UNited states military used to be during the civil war, where there was a small federal army and during war the states sent units to help fight. the stranger sounding names in the free worlds are native american names typically cherokee. many of whom left earth during the first expansion of man into interstellar space.