Friday, January 19, 2007

Al-Ghazzali, "Ihya Ulum Id-Din"

Al-Ghazzali, "Ihya Ulum Id-Din"

Even before accomplishing enlightenment a person knows that everything attests to the existence of God. But these virtuous feelings of innocence disappear as he begins to mingle with corrupt society, because worldly affairs hinder him from swimming in the vast ocean of insight.

Al-Ghazzali, "Ihya Ulum Id-Din"


Anonymous said...

though sometimes I feel, there are some people who swam enough in the ocean of this superficial world and came back with the realisation and experience to embrace humility and aknowledge the truth of things in the Qu'ran.

So it's stained with corrupted society and then the granted insight of innocence, and the affirmation of the truth itself.

Spacerguy said...

The family or environment someone grows up around will have an effect on any of God's creatures. Someone said to me once "I try to believe the best in people" "Don't ever let that change" came the response. Over time the person stopped believing in the best and ultimately,it was extreme disappointment, harsh language, roughnecks,etc that changed the earthlings outlook on life. Interesting post, it gave me pause for reflection.