Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Confederation of Islamic Worlds

The Confederation of Islamic Worlds

The confederation is the oldest known human interstellar government, born from the first use of the worm drive. The Confederate capitol is on New Malaysia. There the grand Parliament meets. The grand parliament is made up of two houses the upper and lower, quite literally as the both meet in the same building one on the 2nd floor the other on the seventh, each world gets 2 senators in the upper house and one spokesman for every 25 million inhabitants of its star system.

Individual star systems have a great deal of freedom on how they govern themselves.

The Confederates maintain a large space navy for both military purposes and exploration. Colony arks, now outfitted with worm drives, are still used to colonize new worlds. Most colonization efforts are still done by one ethic group, but any Confederate citizen may settle on any Confederation world. The largest change in Confederate Colonization policies is there are now two private companies operating from Confederate space, which seek out star systems to colonize.

The Confederation of Islamic Worlds is made up of the following planets.

New Arabia, Pulau, New Tajikistan, Tamazight
New Malaysia, Hausa World, New Khashmir, Mars
High Palestine, Turkmen Prime, New Kurdistan, New Bengal
New Kalimantan, New Daura, New Palestine, New Siraf
Himyarite, Orman, Okyanus, Berlindung
Kebaruan, Khalwat, New Sulawesi, New Kelantan
Cantik, Laut, New Durnia, High Malaysia
New Pahang, Tawanna, Nur

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Spacerguy said...

The confederation is a bit like Star Trek's Federation council on Earth. Thats really neat. I love it. You should enjoy Star Trek New Voyages Its based on TOS with a modern Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Read my Happy New Year Post at the Star Trekking Blog.