Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Independent worlds

A picture of Thaiworld from high orbit
Not all star systems, after the invention of the Wormhole drive, decided to join into or create alliances with other star system many prized their long held independence and did not want to give it up. Some planets are able to maintain their independence by having large militaries such as, New Prussia and Thor. Others are able to do so as the environmental conditions are so harsh as to make them not worth the effort, an example of this is Kalistan Prime. Of course the primary reason these worlds are unable to maintain their Independence is with such a vast universe to explore and colonize there is little need to conquer another star system.

This is a list of known independent worlds. This is by no means all of them, as most scholars agree there are many more to be discovered. It is known that during man’s first expansion into interstellar space that the Koreans sent out 7 giant colony arks over a four year period and none of the colonies have yet to be discovered.

New Tibet
Orange World
New Rome
New Kerala
New Ceylon
New Brazil
New Prussia
Singh’s World
New Canada
New Judea


Spacerguy said...

Alot of Scientists agree that life most likely exhists in other solar systems wherever M class planetary conditions exhist. Logic suggests that chemical elements for sapient lifeforms common on earth exhist too out there too, somewhere in the vast expanse of space. The universe is teeming with life!

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