Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Celestial Empire

New China
The Celestial Empire is ruled by the Chang Dynasty. The Government is a constitutional monarchy. The Royal family holds most of the power through their control of the civil service. The Celestial Empire has flourished mostly because of the extremely efficient civil service. The Empire’s civil service is the very model of a meritocracy at its best.
The empire has managed to avoid entangling alliances and with a sizable Space navy has made the other powers in the galaxy show them respect.

Dawn on New China. Chan Birds flying at dawn. The Chan birds hunt for prey at dawn and dusk every day.
Worlds of the Celestial Empire
New Manchuria
New China
New Guangxi
High Jiangxi
High Qinghai
Xiang gang
Bing Tian Xue DI
An Quan

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Spacerguy said...

I remember one hot summer as I watered a rhododendron bed, spotting a thirsty robin hopping around in the acer palmatum in my back garden. The robin sized me up, realized I was no threat and approached me. It drank from little pools of water 12 inches away from where I stood for a good 15 to 30 seconds, (it could have been longer.) I was completely mesmerised by this fascinating little creature drinking and flapping around at my feet. It hopped away eventually, but I could tell it was happy for it never took its eyes off the water I was splashing around the place. Birds really are the free spirits of our skies!