Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vacation Pictures


Hey Abdulrahman

Assalam Alaikum

Just got to New Samarinda, The Hotel here is great, I actually have a whirlpool in my bathroom and the view from my balcony is of the Imam Hassan Memorial flower garden. The Garden looks spectacular from up here. Your Mom would love it. Remember when we were in school, all those times she had us digging flowerbeds and planting flowers.
Well here are some pictures I took while on my extreme backpacking group trip. We were in the Kalimantan Prime northern national park. There are no facilities at all in the park, not even trails. If trails start to form the park officials will put that area of the park off limits until it recovers. That and they only let five thousand people into the park every year. We got to spend two weeks hiking and camping.

The park is over 20,000 square kilometers and the terrain was formed by glaciers that pushed through the area over ten thousand years ago during New Kalimantan’s last ice age. Most of the fauna that we saw was bipedal, kind of neat huh. We saw a herd of Kiki deer must have been three or four hundred of them, they were so graceful, we all just watched them run by nobody remembered to pull out a camera. There is also a species of predator called a Lupursus that lives in the park, but we never saw one.
Part of our gear were these neat collapsible kayaks, they were so cool. We used them to cross a couple of lakes and we went down a river in them and rode some small rapids.
Thinking of buying one for myself.

Of course the park is closely monitored and if we would have found ourselves in any real danger we just have to activate our emergency transponder and one of the park ranger spheres would have swooped down and rescued us. I got a few pictures of them as well, they are the big gold globes in the pictures. They were cool o watch to as they simply glide through the air silently. They are silent as no to disturb any of the wildlife.

We are going to do some shopping and sight seeing in the city but next week we are going deep sea fishing. And get this the captain of the boat is giving us a discount cause we are from off world. I love this planet.


Your cousin

PS give my Salams to your family and tell Aisha that Inshallah she should be getting a post card from me soon.


MusZa said...

masha'allah, the pics are amazing.

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فوضى أفكاري said...

lovely and amazing picture..
i like this bost
Keep up :)

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Thanks for commenting on my site.

These photos are beautiful!

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These pics really are very beautiful

Umm Aisha

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Beautiful pictures.

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