Thursday, May 11, 2006


Dear Abdulrahman

Assalam Alaikum

We went to the Planetary zoo. It was Huge. They have a Monorail to help visitors get around. We saw the pair of Lupursus that they have there. The male is the black one with the green stripes and the female one is the pink and black one. They can run up to 80 kilometers a hour and they weigh 300 kilos. The most dangerous thing about them is they have no fear of man.

We also saw a really nice Walid Monkey habitat. It donned on me while we were looking at it that I have never seen Walid Monkeys outside a zoo, even back home. So Inshallah, when we get back as soon as I can I am going to take the mag-train down to the southern Hutan park and observe some Walid Monkeys in their natural Habitat.

Give everyone our Salams and Inshallah we will be Home in 3 weeks.


Your Cousin


Madhiah said...

interesting site. (:

Anonymous said...

wow... if only there were lupursus.. it be interesting and YES the female is a PINK!!! YIPPEE!!

I want lupursus to be real now!!

Mujahideen Ryder said...

The Adhan playing in the YouTube video is amazing!!!!!!! MashaAllah! JazakumAllah Khair for the commet bro.

Al-Hanbali said...

haha what is a lurpus,,is that a bear??:S