Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Floaters and South Islands


Dear Abdulrahman

Assalam Alaikum

Well we just got back from our fishing trip. It was great. We caught a lot of the local fish, one of which has tentacles. I even hooked this massive thing called a horned trout. It must have weighed a hundred kilos, almost pulled me off the boat. After fighting it for 45 minutes, seemed like days, it managed to tear out of the hook.

We fished in an area called the southern teeth. It is called that cause of the shape of the little islands that that dot it, and it is in the southern ocean. The Captain said that if we had been fishing out there in the winter we would have seen chunks of ice in the water. But while we were there it was warm and plenty of sunshine. Oh and I am 2 shades darker now.
Alhamdulillah, we saw the giant floating fishers, in my last picture you can see two of them. They were enormous, the size of those advertising zeppelins you see flying at sporting events back home. The captain told us that they suck up water in drinking tubes that they drag in the water and that special bacteria that live in them break the water down into hydrogen and oxygen. The floaters absorb the oxygen into their blood and that the hydrogen goes into their balloon sack. I ask about storms and apparently the lower themselves into the water during storms. Also their skin has some special property, which redirects lighting strikes down into the water.

Well Jamila and I are going to go to the new Benjarmasin Zoo and Aquarium tomorrow. Should be a blast, the hotel clerk told us that they have a mated pair of Lupursus there.

Oh yeah, last night we went out and had a local dish which was battered fish served over rice with some sort of yogurt sauce. It was delicious, so we bought a cookbook. So when we get back we will be cooking a big dinner for everybody.


Your cousin


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