Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why Aamus

I have been asked by several friends why I wrote Aamus so I will explain. I have watched a show little people big world for some time now and have found it fascinating. For those not familiar with the show it is about the Roloff family the parents are both little people one son is also a little person but the other children are not. One of the comments made by the father is how he wished all of his children were little people. This was made while he was trying to discipline his 16 year old son who is already much larger than him. So I was quite sympathetic. The I watched the documentary Sound and Fury which deals with deaf culture. If you haven’t seen it do so, it is excellent. There the idea that cochlear implants are a method of committing genocide against deaf society is brought forth. This along with the ideas of genetic drift which I have explored in other stories brought about the need I had to write Aamus. I have even entertained the idea of a Celtic Alliance ship coming across a planet of little people. I have tried not to state if either side in this argument is right, but to present both sides. Oh and a little side note Aamus is Somali for quite or be quite.

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