Friday, January 11, 2008

Physical vs. Spiritual Wounds

Sadi, "Gulistan"

A Sufi was wounded by a leopard. He tried every kind of medicine to heal his wounds, but none was effective. Yet the Sufi never ceased to give thanks to God. Some people said to him: 'You are suffering greatly, and yet you constantly thank God. How is this?' The Sufi replied: 'I give thanks to God that I am suffering a physical wound caused by an animal, and not a spiritual wound caused by sin.'

Sadi , Gulistan


Lord Omar said...

That's the spirit!

Al-Faqiir Ila Rabbihi said...

we ask ALLAH to give us the strength, we ask ALLAH to give us the spirit, but ALLAH give us the obstacles and challenges to strengthen our spirit and mind.. how's nice ALLAH arrange everything to us..

darvish said...