Thursday, June 29, 2006

Assault part 9

Confederation forces fought their way to the gates of the capitol, paying for every meter with blood. Bahamut class battleships, outfitted with mass drivers, maneuvered into low orbit firing on the unity forces north of the capitol with devastating effect. Confederation troops, who could feel the explosions caused by the mass drivers from kilometers away, joked that next year they would fish in the lakes being created north of the capitol city. The destruction of the Unity forces north of the capitol left the Unity defenders with out hope of reinforcement. After three days of ferocious fighting the Unity defenders retreated into the city, abandoning the few armored vehicles that had not been destroyed.

The Unity defenders hoped to delay the invading confederate forces long enough for reinforcements to arrive from the southern continent. Unfortunately for the defenders any relief would have to be air-lifted to get to them in time to help and the C.S.S. Musa, a Zaratan class carrier’s Buraq fighters were destroying anything that the Unity tried to put into the air.

After two days of attempting to negotiate surrender, the Confederate assault troops were given their orders and attacked the city blasting the airlocks and simply cutting through the city’s walls. Fierce house to house fighting raged for 5 days and while the Unity troops had the will to fight, they found themselves out of ammunition and low on bottled air and filters. And so they finally surrendered. The leader of the Unity of Saints, who went by the title of prophet, was captured and announced the unity’s surrender.

The surrender was recorded and broadcast all over the planet. Soon confederate ships were being dispatched to all Unity controlled star systems with recordings of the Unity of Saint’s prophet surrender. In one bold remove the Unity of Saints was removed as a military threat.

“Omar can you give me a hand over here? I need and Hamza to bring those welders over to gate station 4, so they can get started on repairing it” said the captain.

“Sir why can’t we just get a bio-lab to create a retro-virus we can give these people so that they can be enhanced and able to breathe the air here? Can’t be that hard, they possibly even have the original retro-virus used on Hausa World that enabled to breathe back home and here on Zarahemla prime still sitting in storage in some lab somewhere.” Asked Hamza.

“The saints have some type of religious beliefs that do not allow them to gene-modify themselves. Their cattle are in the fields around the city so they obviously know how to do it. We cannot enforce our beliefs on them it just isn’t right.” Replied the captain, “Now get those welders over to gate station four, so we can get this city depressurized.”

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Douberville said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

What an imagination! I always wonder where people get the inspiration to write these futuristic/sci-fi pieces.

Nice Work :)