Monday, June 26, 2006

Assault part 8

Confederate Armored vehicle fires at Unity para-military forces in support of confederate assault troops.

Soon they had new orders, ground radar had triangulated where the sporadic rocket fire that was hitting them was coming from, but as they still could not find the mortar teams, Omar was told to take his men and spot the rocket launchers. Moving carefully through the forest looking out for booby traps and Unity Para-military snipers, an hour later they started taking fire, they could also hear the whoosh of the out going rockets.

“Hamza’s hit,” yelled Jakir as he returned fire at the Unity defenders.

“I ‘m alright” shouted Hamza after rolling behind a tree, “Alhamdulilah I’m alright, but the laser spotter is broken.”

Omar fired two grenades from the under slung grenade launcher on his G.A.R-17 and made a mad dash towards Hamza. While Hamza zeroed in on the Unity defenders and started putting 14mm rounds into them, Omar tried to see if he could fix the laser spotter. He quickly came to the irrefutable conclusion that he could not. The laser spotter had been hit by a round meant for Hamza and had broken in to two pieces, electronic components inside were shattered.

Omar looked at Hamza and announced “It looks like the spotter has given its life for the Confederation. We don’t have another one, do we?”


“Didn’t think so. Alright we have to come up with another plan.” Said Omar glancing around the huge tree he and Hamza were using as cover. He had come to realize that in the last few minutes that the Unity return fire had significantly dropped off. “Look I took out the machine gun they had with my grenades, how many do you think you have you gotten?”

“I put down maybe 5 or 6.”

“Alright listen up; I want you to get over there with Jakir. You two will fire all 5 of your grenades in rapid succession and then start firing 3 round bursts. Hussian and I will charge them. If there are as few of them as I think we should be able to over run them and then hit the rocket tubes.”

“And if there isn’t a few of them but a whole company back there guarding the rocket tubes, then what.”

“Then it nice knowing you and I die with wudu”

“Right, right”

The plan went off perfectly as there turned out to be only two unity defenders left. They moved up towards where they heard the rockets firing from. They crawled up a small hill which the rocket tubes were set up behind and fired down on the Unity unit killing them all before they could get off even one shot. Eight hours later the Confederate Assault infantry was able to hook up with the armor units that were waiting to press on to the capitol city of Zarahemla Prime and all of the Unity.

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