Saturday, November 12, 2005

Clone Conspiracy

In the year 1471 A. H. In the newly formed Confederation of Islamic States their were reactionary groups who did not want democracy. They wanted to take power for themselves and rule the people. The vast majority of these groups were nothing more than a bunch of cranks meeting in backrooms. But one group actually came close to destroying the fledgling Confederation.
A group of Military Generals in the state of Azerbaijan with backing and support From the Trans-national Halibaton corporation conspired to seize control of the Confederation's central Asian States A blow which if it would have succeeded could possibly lead to the disintegration of the Confederation.
The plan was doomed almost from the beginning as the conspirators were never able to infiltrate and take control of the central Asian states militias. Which were in the end the units which stopped them.
The Most bizarre part of the conspirators plan was discovered at a training camp and science facility they maintained 45 kilometers outside of Xacmaz Azerbaijan. There Militia investigators found over twenty five thousand cloned children ranging in age from 3 years to 4 months. The children, all identical males, were genetically altered with enhanced senses, strength, speed and intelligence. Ironically these children who were created to destroy the confederacy went on to become some of its greatest statesmen, scientists and explorers.
Many people in the confederacy can trace their family tree back to the children of Xacmaz.


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ibrahim said...

In the name of Allah
You have good imagination man