Thursday, November 10, 2005

Brotherhood of the Golden Circle.

Boys are chosen at an early age to begin training as Warriors for the Martial wing of the Brotherhood of the Golden Circle.
the Training is Intense and lasts for many years.

The Brotherhood of the Golden Circle was established only a few years before the rise of the 2nd Japanese Empire. As several Sufi orders in Indonesia merged together. Initially well known for its work with the poor and in education, with the rise of the 2nd Japanese Empire the Golden Circle took on martial elements. The Golden Circle was one of the major players in defeating the second Japanese empire on Earth, driving them out of Indonesia and the Philippines. And it was Golden Circle commandos who infiltrated the Japanese Mars Colonies and lead the revolt of the forced laborers, most of whom were from Indonesia and Malaysia.
After the defeat of the 2nd Japanese empire the Golden circle refocused on education and aiding the poor, opening orphanages, schools and several hospitals. They Run three universities including the prestigious Hakeem Institute of Technology on New Khashmir.
Even today the Golden circle has its Martial side tho now it is usually expressed through law enforcement. No one wants to run up agaisnt a Golden circle agent with their feared plasma swords. Most of these agents start their training at a very early age.
The Golden Circle Communes and schools can be found on almost all of the planets of the confederation.

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