Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The C.S.S Fodhil al-Warthilani

The C.S.S Fodhil al-Warthilani

The C.S.S Fodhil al-Warthilani is an exploration class star ship. It is equipped with it it's own worm drive. It carries four type 7-G heavy shuttles and two type 3-F light shuttles. It has two rail guns and six missile tubes for ships defense.

The medical bay has eight burn beds and fortytwo Meditech beds, as well as an isolation ward with 8 Meditech beds. They have top notch science labs, Chemistry, xeno-biology, xeno-botany, geology and physics. Six large repair bays allow for the repair and manufacture of any and all needed equipment. The 

C.S.S Fodhil al-Warthilani   
Length of 645 meters and a  displacements of over 200,000 long 
tons. The ships' companies can number up to 3,200. The C.S.S 
Fodhil al-Warthilani was built at the Parameswara ship yards in the 
New Malaysia star system.  The C.S.S Fodhil al-Warthilani was 
built for the purpose of exploration.

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