Friday, July 06, 2012

Science fiction and Children's television

Science fiction and Children's television

As I have rediscovered children's television with my three year old, lots of Disney, Nick jr and Sprouts television channels, I have noticed a lot of the shows are science fiction. I was at first thinking this was perhaps a new trend and then realized that children's TV has a long Science Fiction tradition.

PBS's most famous program Sesame Street is set in a future New York where Aliens of all shapes and sizes freely interact with humans. On Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Mr. Rodgers has a wormhole in his house which leads to a pocket Universe. Barney and friends takes place on a holodeck in the future, I mean that is obvious, isn't it.

Now of course we have Bob the Builder a program that takes place in the future after a virus has killed of a large percentage of humanity, which is why a town has only five people living in it, and civilization is able to continue onward because of Artificial Intelligent machines. Lunar Jim is set on a moon colony which makes it super obvious as science fiction.

Dora the Explorer, one of today's biggest children's programs, is also science fiction. The Artificial Intelligent map, the genetically enhanced monkey servant and other genetically enhanced animals are all featured charters on the show. There is of course the show 'Go Diego Go' which features genetically enhanced animals, Dora's cousin Diego and his backpack made out of super advanced nanites capable of reshaping itself into almost anything. By the way I want a genetically enhanced monkey servant and that backpack.

Then of course there is 'Yo Gabba Gabba' a show about a guy playing with his super advanced toy set. Ni Hao Kai-lan, Little Bear, Pocoyo, Between the Lions, Martha Speaks, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that and Zoboomafoo all feature genetically enhanced animals. Wild Kratts features an advance aircraft and body armor that uses adaptable nanotechnology. Bubble Guppies features a flooded world where humanity has genetically engineered for an aquatic existence.

Dragon Tales deals with a group of children who have a device which opens up a wormhole to a pocket universe inhabited by numerous intelligent creatures. Dinosaur Train features a train that can open up a wormhole through time and is controlled by an ancient race of intelligent dinosaurs. Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Chuggington and Thomas and Friends all feature Artificial Intelligent Machines as the main characters.

Arthur, Angelina Ballerina, Toot and Puddle, Franklin and Friends, Max and Ruby, Olivia all feature futures where Humanity has been wiped out by either viral outbreak or some other catastrophe and the world is now inhabited by genetically enhanced animals. Car Toons follows the same type of format, but Artificial intelligent machines have built a civilization since the fall of man.

With out going into to many details other science fiction children's shows are Lilo and Stitch the series, Octonauts, Handy Mandy, Theodore Tugboat, and many more.

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