Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jarin Hopper of High Qinghai.

The Jarin hopper is a herbivore from High Qinghai is impossible to take by surprise as it sees in all directions.
The fact is that as most of the large life forms on High Qinghai
are legless The Jarin hopper is one of the faster species on the planet. It gets up to 1 meter tall and wieghs about
50 kilograms. while they do travel in groups of 25 to one hundred members while grazing they like to spread out
with about 40 to hundred meters apart. coming together only at night to form a circle around the young.
they live for approximatly 30 years, and bear live young, usually only one but on rare occasions two.
they begin to breed at 5 years of age. They will surround one of their own if it falls down as a Jarin Hopper
on its side must struggle to bring itself upright.

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Nice work.
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