Monday, September 22, 2008

Dawah Ship

Here we see the C.S.S. Dawah in orbit of New Kalimantan picking up the famed scholar Hasan Jahangir.

The starship C.S.S. Dawah is owned and operated by the Dawah Jumaat. The C.S.S. Dawah visits isolated asteroid mining communities in the New Malaysia, New Kalimantan, Turkmen Prime and New Kurdistan star systems; where it conducts halaqahs and khutbahs as well as making available its vast library. Often highly regarded Islamic Scholars are recruited to do tours with the C.S.S. Dawah. Most of the asteroid mining communities are very happy for a visit from the C.S.S. Dawah if only to see new faces.

The ship has a crew of 40, this includes those who run the ship and the Muslim scholars and translators on the ship. The ship has a prayer hall able to hold over 700 persons as well as several smaller meeting rooms for counseling and small halaqahs.

The Dawah Jumaat is currently raising funds to build a second ship which would be dedicated to visiting worlds outside of the confedration.


Hidden Sage said...

Cool. In which direction do they pray?

Edward Ott said...

Surah 2 ayat 115

To God belong the east and the West: Wheresoever you turn, there is the presence of God, for God is All-Pervading, All-Knowing.

Anonymous said...

peace be upon u my brother

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quite interesting.

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