Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Muhammad and Chang design parts

Bilal walked into the garage picking his way through the boxes of assorted and forgotten bits of equipment glancing at the wall covered in tool racks and pictures of various natural wonders back on Earth.

“What’s the problem Muhammed?” asked a concerned Bilal

Muhammed looked up from his work frustration running amuck across his entire body and replied in an exasperated tone “Its these darn Plasma flux phase inverters, they keep going into overload and causing a power spike which causes the phase safety capacitors. I have to buy new safety phase capacitors every month.”

“What type of plasma flux phase invertors do you have in there?” asked Bilal trying to be helpful.

“I just got the generic store brand, there all the same aren’t they? Asked Muhammed a puzzled tone creeping into his tone.

“Oh no they are not! I only use genuine Muhammad and Chang design plasma flux phase inverters and I have never had to replace my phase safety capacitors and my energy out put has increased by thirty percent.” said Bilal proudly and with a smile.

“Thirty percent really?” said an astonished Muhammed.

“Oh really, I only use Muhammad and Chang design parts. They are the best value for your dinars.” said Bilal smugly.

“Well can we can we go get some now?” inquired Muhammed.

“Of course we can> Genuine Muhammad and Chang design parts at all reputable parts retail stores.”

Later that day back in Muhammed’s cluttered garage.

“Brother that Muhammad and Chang’s design plasma flux phase inverter is just singing along and after an hour of running the phase safety capacitors aren’t even warm” said Muhammed with a big toothy grin.

“No worries with Muhammad and Chang design parts as they all come with a 2 year warranty.Always remember, nothing beats Muhammad and Chang design parts."

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