Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kabeer Ghadan Class Super Transports

The C.S.S. Abu Hanifa an-Nu‘man a Kabeer Ghadan class Super transport. 2000 meters long with a displacement of 2 million these huge ships move cargo all across Confederate space as well as that of thier trading partners. Over three thousand of them were built in the New Kurdistan orbital ship yards before the great war. During the Great War 50 of the Kabeer Ghadan class super transports were converted into troop transports.


Spacerguy said...

Wow thats a big ship! Does she have any defensive capabilities proficient enough at defending the super transport against enemy gunships?

Stargazer said...

Very odd-looking form of transportation

Edward Ott said...

The only defense she has are sandcasters. which act like giant shot guns to blast incoming missels and to fowl laser guidance systems.