Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Science Fiction in Bangladesh

Ran across this article about science fiction in bangladesh and just wanted to share it with everyone.



Spacerguy said...

Zafar Iqbal 1st used the word 'copotron' in his 1st science fiction 'Copotronic Shukh Dukho'. He became so popular that everyone started believing it as a real robot brain.

The sameness in Zafar's "Robot Brain" and Isaac Asimov's Positronic brain is fascinating. I must research "Copotronic." Asimov imagined his first robot brain as a platinum iridium alloy which he describes in great detail in his Robot City; Book Three; Cyborg by William F Wu .

There are all kinds of robots in Asimov's Robot city illustrated with interesting images. Function robots for instance are without positronic brains and are unable to use the tunnel transportation system.

Star Trek TNG later used Asimov's science fiction words which is'nt surprising considering he was good friends with Gene Roddenberry.

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