Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Names of Mars

The many names of the Planet Mars; Nergal by the Babylonians; Ares by the Greeks, Horus the red by the ancient Egyptians; In India it is Angaraka in Sanskrit as well as Mangala and Kuja; the Hebrews call it Ma’adim; It is Al-Mirrikh in both Arabic, Urdu and Persian; To the Turks it is Merih; to the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese it is the Fire Star. In mandarin Huoxing. Korean it is pronounced Hwasung. In Japan it is said as Kasei. It is Marte in spanish; to the Scots it is Maurs; for the Basque it is Martitza. In Tamil it is Sevvaay. The Thais call it Angkarn. In Malay it is Marikh

In the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels about Mars he has the locals call the planet Barsoom.
It is also frequently referred to as the red planet. The name of Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt, comes from "Al Qahira," an ancient Arabic name for Mars.

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Randilin said...

Ahhhh as a boy i had many exciting adventures in Barsoom