Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Clones and Slavery

In the above undated photo we see some of the clones that were forced into slavery performing manual labor.

Confederate Internal Security in conjunction with several agents of The Brotherhood of the Golden Circle has announced they have made 38 arrests on New Kalimantan’s Small Equatorial continent. The charges are shockinly slavery and the illegal use of growth accelerators. While the press conference was short Confederate Interstellar News Network has learned that Dhakkar Corporation was running an illegal cloning operation and using the clones as slaves. The growth accelarators allowed them to bring the clones to physical maturity 4 times faster than through normal aging. The New Kalimantan Government has stated that they are bringing in experts to help and try to ease the clones into mainstream society. CINN will bring you more information as it is made available by authorties.


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but i guess... watching the pant grow can be theraputic yea.

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