Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chattergee-Haque Fast-as-Light drive

The Invention of the Chattergee-Haque Fast as light drive was a huge break through in science and herald the beginning of man’s break out from the solar system and into interstellar space. The Chattergee-Haque drive was designed by Dr. Sujana Chattergee and Dr. Khadija Haque while serving on the Calcutta Research Station. The Station was a large asteroid that the government had set up for the conducting of what it deemed dangerous experiments. The Station was unfortunately destroyed during an experiment on a new cold fusion technique.

When the two scientists realized that their fusion shielding experiments was leading to, they quickly changed the objective of their research and with in a year the Chattergee-Haque fast as light drive was a reality. Probably the most amazing thing about the drive was not that it allowed man to go fast as light, but that it allowed him to do so relatively cheaply. Very soon over ten nations launched interstellar probes using the Chattergee-Haque drive, and before any of them had sent back data huge colony arks were being built.

The first group to leave the solar system was sponsored by the Confederation of Islamic States. Over a million Kurds went up the Space elevator in Kenya and boarded 4 great space arks. This was soon followed by two Arks carrying half a million Palestinians and several Arks carrying a quarter of million each of Indonesians and Malays all who took the Indonesian space elevator.

Not long after this the North American Alliance launched an Ark carrying Cherokees, Arapahos and Mohawks. The French Government launched one Ark a year for several years of a hundred thousand each, though sometimes they had to draft colonists.

It was this way that mankind colonized and explored the stars for nearly 300 years, until the discovery of the worm drive.


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