Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pacification of Zarahemla (The Battle of Moroni Road)

During the pacification campaign on Zarahemla prime one of the most written about and crucial battles was the battle of Moroni road. A large number of unity infantry backed by a few armored vehicles and a small number of artillery pieces tried to recapture the Zarahemla space elevator and the capitol city.

They had managed to move undetected, by the confederacy’s surveillance satellites, under the triple layer jungle canopy that surrounded the capitol city. With most of the confederation’s forces spread thinly all over the planet the Unity troops out numbered the defenders ten to one. The attackers were highly motivated as they wished to liberate the temple in the capitol and to free the President and the Quorum of twelve.

The attack though was foiled by a confederation tank patrol on Moroni road; the road connected the capitol with the port city of Young city. The tanks were on a routine patrol making sure that the road was clear, when it ran into the Unity artillery pieces being dragged across Moroni road. The eight tanks destroyed the artillery pieces and quickly found themselves engaged in a firefight.

The battle raged all night and into the morning. One of the major heroes of the battle was captain Dawud Mansur and his tank crew. For even after being hit with two flame bombs which burned off their active adaptive camouflage skin and severely burning Captain Mansur, they continued to fight, moving up and down the road firing their main gauss cannon and destroying 14 Unity tanks. Severely burned Captain Mansur kept firing the auto grenade launcher on top until he ran out of ammo.

After running out for the side guns and the Tank’s main cannon they stayed in the battle calling in air strikes and artillery. The entire crew received the green ribbon of valor and Captain Mansur the Iron Star. The battle resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 Unity soldiers the destruction of over 30 unity Armored vehicles. Confederation forces lost 2 Assault tanks and 45 soldiers.

The Battle of Moroni road is considered crucial as it is believed that if the Unity soldiers had managed to retake the capitol and the space elevator a wide spread uprising would have occurred in those areas of the Zarahemla already occupied by the Confederacy.


SUHAA said...

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah, your blog is interesting. i am not really into sci-fi, but it would be neat if you could tie in your writings with ayat or hadeeth just to make us readers think even more in depth of Allah's Truth.
May Allah reward you.

Edward Ott said...

if you read the story the pashekate problem you will see quran and hadith being quoted and the story i am working on has some. also Martian Jihad has hadith qouted in it.

Aiman said...

Salaams Ed,

The most noticeable thing in your picture to me were the trees. It's good to see them standing in 2000 AH. Just a comforting thought.

Muslihoon said...

Interesting stories. Where did you get the LDS names and references from?

Edward Ott said...

I have a very nice lady at work who is a mormon and who gave me a book of mormon and would talk to me about it a lot. not so much any more as we are now working in different sections now. just thought it was neat.