Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Global Flood

A massive earthquake, registering 8.2 on the richter scale, shook Antartica on the 4th of Rajab 1463 A.H. The Earthquake is believed to have triggered the eruption of a previously volcano in eastern Antartica. What is known is that the earthquake caused a large section of the eastern Antartica ice sheet to collapse into the Southern Ocean.

Ocean levels rose 6 meters worldwide, displacing hundreds of millions of people, devastating the world economy and causing a massive change in global politics. The global flood lead to the formation of the Confederation of Islamic States, the Brotherhood of the Golden Circle, The Central American Alliance and the 2nd rise of Imperial Japan.

The world lost a huge amount of its most glorious art and archetecture. Boston and many other
American East coast cities were devastated. Miami and nearly half of the Florida were submerged. Bangladesh was devastated, the city of Bagerhut and all of its beautiful 7th century buildings were lost as was the gorgeous Hassan II Mosque in Morocco.

Most historians and Economists agree that while the global flood of 1463 was devastating, that the world's economy, while undergoing drastic changes, managed to bounce back in a mere 40 years.

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